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The very first teaser picture for Fortnite items

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    August 6, 2018 11:28 PM PDT

    The very first teaser picture for Fortnite items Season 5 is a kitty mask which could either be Egyptian or Japanese in origin. Unlike Season 4, with its first superhero motif (turned movie-set, turned key agents) Season 5 appears to be a history's greatest hits compilation. Indeed, in today's in-game news upgrades, that image is accompanied by the words'Worlds Collide.'

    One can hypothesize with some confidence that tomorrow Epic will launch the exact same image with another mask or skin out of another era and location. And on Wednesday a third will appear.

    The enemy launched, breaking the barrier between space and time, between our planet and the game's planet, and bits and pieces of that world are emerging in Buy fortnite materials our very own --like the Durr Burger located at a California desert--and bits and pieces of our world, from various times and places, are emerging in Fortnite. In Season 5 we'll see these numerous epochs collide; but at a more immediate sense the worlds colliding are the game's world and ours.

    (Figuring out there in the actual world is a giant tomato just waiting to be discovered.) This provides Epic Games a wide and vibrant palette to function with.Will Moisty Mires become a desert, after all? Earlier rumors suggested that was likely, and that stagecoach certainly indicates a Wild West transformation. Leaked files which came out before some of those new looks included the anchor, the stagecoach and a pile of bones. The bones, to me at least, surely look like that which you might find in a desert.