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  • Malaysia plane's flight path 'changed by cockpit computer'

    The turn that diverted the missing Malaysian Airlines plane off its flight path was programmed into the aircraft's computer navigation system, probably by someone in the cockpit, the New York Times reported.

    That reinforces the increasing belief amo...
  • Get a Healthy Heart Today!

    We all need some help sometimes, and this is one of the greatest ways to help your heart.
  • Cheap Beats by dre headphones

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  • 5 ways to minimize the ear damage of headphone

    TIp to choose a headphone and minimize the damage to hearing
  • 白癜风患者毛发变白是怎么回事

        白癜风是由于皮肤内黑色素脱失的一种皮肤病,其只要体表特征就是白斑的出现,白斑的形状规则不一,可大可小,可发生于身体各个部位,好发于暴露和褶皱部 位,面部、躯干、四肢都有可能发生,有时甚至毛发变白,包括胡须、眉毛、汗毛等。那么,白癜风伴有白汗毛是怎么回事呢?武汉白癜风医院专家为大家解释。    原因一、由于毛囊内的黑素细胞内硌氨酸酶活性减低或消失,导致黑色素颗粒即黑色素体生成进行性减少或消失而引起的局限性或泛发性脱色素性病变。&nbs...
  • 牛皮癣反复的主要原因有哪些

        牛皮癣的复发问题一直是需牛皮癣患者最为苦恼的问题,很多的患者朋友对此束手无策,不知道该怎么办,也不知道为什么。那么,导致牛皮癣反复的病因有哪些呢?    导致牛皮癣反复的病因有哪些?北京最好的牛皮癣医院专家介绍如下:    第一、受到寒冷的刺激:当我们所处的环境很寒冷、很阴暗潮湿、再加上我们自身免疫力的低下,等都会导致病情诱发。    第二、病灶感染:这是一个很重要的因素,...
  • Arctic Parkas Surviving the cold winter months 'Inuit Style'

    .canada goose man. Initially developed with regard to Antarctic medical expeditions, the Journey Parka is actually incredibly long lasting and high quality.