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  • Texas teen raises $1 million for hospital

    MCKINNEY, Texas — Ben Sater had vowed that before he went off to college, he would raise $1 million for the Dallas children's hospital where he had received free treatments as a child.
    After eight years' worth of fundraising golf tournaments f...
  • iHome iA100ZE iPad alarm dock raises questions, supplies few answers

    So, the iA100ZE iPad dock isn't anywhere in the same league as the iTar. To be fair, you can't fault iHome for trying to stir up some interest in an over-saturated market by strapping an iPad onto a fairly typical FM radio / alarm clock / dock. And...
  • Power Your Social Networking Ideas

    Keep your contentYour community's content is yours to own. Unlike most hosted services, SocialEngine never prevents you from moving your community or serving your own advertisements.
  • Integrating OPcache to Improve PHP Application Performance

    PHP, a web scripting language, offers you an incredible market penetration with the ability to develop powerful and interactive web applications. Being an open-source programming language backed up by a huge developers community across the world sharing...  more
  • Victor Villalba: Vaqueros dominan en todos los departamentos

    Una semana llena de dudas fue el mar que tuvieron que navegar los pupilos de Jason Garrett luego de su descanso obligado.  Con la maquinaria en el taller, se buscaba  afinar algunos detalles cuyo resultado inicial resultó en un contund...
  • Taking on the KC Chiefs defensive narratives

    In Episode 17 of the Chief in the North, I decide it's time to go to the film room to examine the Chiefs' defense in their loss to the Raiders last Thursday. There are a lot of narratives flying around out there about Bob Sutton Tremon Smith Jersey, Ju...
  • electric power ratings: Chiefs not quantity a person? Raiders nevertheless underneath Patriots?

    Preseason NFL ability ratings might not indicate a entire ton. Electric power scores once 7 days a single necessarily mean merely somewhat extra. And if yourself shell out them any thoughts, yourself may well track down Elliot Harrison scores above at ...
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